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Sockburn, Christchurch, New Zealand  

  Absolute rubbish

This was an extremely disappointing experience. The compactor I purchased was completely useless wouldn't work ,amazingly after I sent it back to them they returned it saying it was ok and any problems were my fault. I had to take them to the small claims court to get my money back and which the kept on delaying and not showing up for hearings. Steer clear of them products are not quality goods

  Excellent Service

Ordered a crowbar and it couldn't be delivered. (my fault) and was sent back to depot. Online help sorted it out within five minutes and resent item. Great experience!!

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So unprofessional. I have emailed 5 time.

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I cannot speak highly enough of the Meri.

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I got the TV on time only problems were.

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i very helpful.

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Thankyou Pauline for sorting out my prob.

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does a good clean job, have done many a.

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Overly conservative valuation and errors.

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Thanks to Orville for helping me with my.


Regard no more ‘friends for life’ loyalty.

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