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Level 1, Shop N215, Sylvia Park, 286 Mt Wellington Highway Auckland 1060, Mount Wellington, Auckland Region, New Zealand  

  Rip off receptionist

17/03/2019 Indian Female Receptionist at otara’s East tamaki’s health care centre had charged me $10.00 to see the nurse. I told her I had been in 2days prior to this visit (which I paid $15.00 for) and was instructed to come back for a follow up procedure in two days. I told her why do I have to pay another additional $10.00? She said it’s because it’s the weekend and I’m paying for my 2nd visits procedure. Anyways I just paid. When it was time for me to go and see the nurse, he asked me if I paid and I said yes! He told me that I didn’t need to pay because i already paid on my 1st visit, so he took me back into the reception area and told them I already paid andto refund my money. When he left the female receptionist says “ you’ve got $15 owing from 2013 & 2015, would u like to put that $10.00 towards that bill ?” I said no, just give me my money and walked out.! WHAT A LOAD OF MONEY HUNGRY RIP OFF BULLSHIT CUNTS. It’s 2019 and I’ve never been asked about these 2013, 2015 outstanding bills every time I’ve went in. Nurses and doctors are 5/5 ⭐️ but the Indian female & male receptionist on 17/03/19 at 10am need to be reviewed. Unacceptable.

  Very very slow service

I have been sitting for 3hrs with only 1 doctor on duty and about 40 patients this place needs to pick up it service we haven’t got the whole day waiting around I came in at 8.30am an now it’s 11.35am still waiting to see the doctor. This place needs at least 3 doctors on for the weekend Browns Rd healthcare..

  They are time waster

At the recipiton told me waiting time will be 45 minutes but took 2 hours and they wererude

  Money grabbers nothing else!

This will be the last time this clinic receives my families time or money. I will be making a further complaint to Ministry of Health for their poor management, lack of patient-focused practices, unethically long ques and judgmental work culture. I phoned in to see if my blister pack medicine from Unichem, Otara was ready for pick up. I am medically reliant, explained my hubby picked up my insulin without my pills. Guy rudely answered that 'it's not his problem' my prescription had expired 2 days ago. He advised the docs can sign my prescription slip to change the date. I went to the "Local Doctors" where the friendly Pacific receptionist greeted me and said to wait for a doc. Dr Keiran looked me up and down and bluntly said 'NO! Can't do it, you need a consultation.' Funny thing was, it was emergencys only! (And the wait was approx 4 hours.) Obviously my prescription repeat wasn't urgent enough for anyone to care. Throughout my 45 minute run around, not once did anyone ask about my health cond, just consistently quoted me alternative prices. I couldn't help but feel racially profiled. The pharmacist I spoke to on the phone refused to see me face to face. He pretended to look busy. No one could help my situation. So I left without my medicine, I'm disappointed and dissatisfied with the poor service and lack of empathy, I received. I hope others don't experience this same service.

  Iam sitting for 4 hours

I came at 1030 to see doctors and waited till 230 still not seen how poor this service is they should keep almost 4 to 5 docs in each clinic we also have so mAny things to do receptist they thinks they sitting and working it's good how they talks to patients we also works in office but we not showing so please management do something

  bad customer service!!- very unhappy with the person called Sela!

Hi, i called in the clinic for an appointment for my wife as it was urgent i told the lady ( her name is Sela) to book an appointment for the earliest . i told her specifically that any clinic is fine for me. she told me in a rude way to tell the area i am staying in - i told takanini. she told a day in next week and i told her any earlier- she told no without even checking if there is any availability in any other clinics- then i mentioned any other clinic please have a look then she first told clendon manurewa in a very rude manner. and she told if not she will book it for next week. the tone of the lady on phone was really rude. is this the way a medical professional speak to the customers??. very disappointed with the person called sela on the phone the other day.

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